Ready for school Program

At Little Footprints we believe that your child’s education will have a domino effect in their schooling years. Therefore, we take extra steps to ensure that they are well prepared for kindergarten. We do this with the below programs and practices

Ready for school program

A program that goes through academic stages for all ages including; reading, writing and arithmetic’s. This involves group times, one on one tutoring and spontaneous teaching through play. Our program helps children reach beyond their academic and developmental milestones..

Educational Interest based group time

Children learn most when they are interested and included. We observe their interest and use this as a teaching opportunity, by creating a educational group time surrounding their interest.

Local school Reports

We prepare reports on each of the local schools indicating their preferences for, the academic and developmental milestones they desire to see children to have at orientation time. We then customise a curriculum that ensures our children will advance this level, even reaching a mid-kindergarten level so they can always be ahead and confident in their learning.

Regular report updates

Every year we do academic and developmental milestone reports, to see how your child is progressing and to provide further goals to challenge them.

Daily Exercise program

We use a program from Munch and move which is a NSW health initiative that supports the healthy development of children

Gardening and sustainability

We teach children the importance of looking after Gods beautiful creation through integrating sustainable practices in our everyday living.