Nutrition and Menu

Little Footprints is committed to helping children develop good food habits early on in life. We offer a nutritional, well-balanced, multicultural menu cooked daily by an in house Chef. Our recipes have been created in house to make them loved by all children, even by the fussy eaters.

The menu was created in conjunction with the NSW Health Nutritionists team at Munch and Move where it has been approved and certified to meet a child’s daily nutritional needs. We also provide nutrition programs to encourage your child’s healthy eating habits and influence them to try new foods. Some highlights for our menu and Nutritional program include the below:

Nutrition Menu

  • Refined sugar Free (No refined sugar is added in our recipes)
  • Lots of vegetables that your child will want to eat! (additional vegetables are hidden in our meals such as meatloaf, Bolognese sauce etc)
  • Natural Food Products used
  • Meeting your child’s daily macro nutritional needs
  • Wholegrain and wholemeal foods
  • We cater for most dietary needs
  • We ensure your children stay hydrated by monitoring their water intake

Nutrition Program

  • Growing and eating an edible fruit and vegie patch
  • Daily involvement in meal preps
  • Healthy eating group times
  • Daily exercise program
  • Positive and fun meal experiences
  • Special individualised program for helping fussy eaters eat a nutritional, balanced diet.

We have collaborated with NSW Health Nutritionists team at Munch and Move to develop our menu. It has undergone thorough evaluation and has been certified to meet the nutritional needs of growing children.